“Leadership is not a position, it’s a responsibility”, this is Sundarapu Vijay Kumar’s motto.

Vijay Kumar born on august 20 1979 in narsipatnam near Visakhapatnam.  His parents are SUNADARAPU SATYANARAYANA, SUNDARAPU LAKSHMI. Mr. Satyanarayana from   kothuru village, near Visakhapatnam, worked in the Social Welfare department. So, his family shifted to Visakhapatnam. Mr. Vijay Kumar has two siblings, SUNDARAPU VENKATA SATISH KUMAR and SUNDARAPU RAVI KUMAR.


Mr. Vijay Kumar brought up in agriculture family. Right from his childhood he maintained hardworking and commitment as his roots. His father and forefathers are dedicated for social service and Mr. Vijay Kumar also has same dedication towards social service. From his childhood he always tried to support others and stand behind his people.

He never step back to take responsibilities.


In 1995 he joined in a college. In the first year itself he took responsibilities as a NSS (National Social Service) leader. He has done so many social service activities as a student. He always thinks out of the box. He never satisfies with marks and grades. He wants more than that. That attitude makes him as a unique one.

After finishing his studies he joined in private company as a normal employee. As an employee he creates new goals for himself and chases those goals. This quality makes him as an achiever. He reached 100% targets in reliance communication and received an award from the company.


SUNDARAPU VIJAY KUMAR, as a leader he always trying to put 100% efforts for solve the people’s problem irrespective of any other things. Anybody can approach him directly. He always available for people.


“Portfolios are not my target, they are used as paths to serve the people “                                                                                                                      -Sundarapu Vijay Kumar